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Rösle Apple Wood Chips for Kettle and Gas Grill

Apple Aroma ideal for fish, venison, poultry, beef and pork, imparting a sweet-sour smoke flavour. Smoking Wood Chips from 100 % natural untreated wood Very smoke intensive and therefore short smoking times recommended No chemicals added, no bark Adds an aromatic smoke flavour, similar to American barbecue flavour Quality made in Germany 750g Preparation: To enhance your barbecue flavour, place 1-2 handfuls into the RÖSLE smoking box and close the lid. Place smoking box directly on hot charcoals. When using a gas grill, place smoking box directly on the grill rack above a burner. As soon as smoke rises from the box place the uncooked, marinated meat on grill rack. Store in a dry place and protect from sunlight.

Rösle Barbecue Basting Mop

This stainless steel, long handled basting mop adds flavor and moisture to foods while they are grilling. The entire tool is dishwasher safe, making clean-up less messy and time consuming Silicone mop with high loading capacity Heat resistant up to 250˚C
£13.99 £19.99

Rösle Barbecue Tongs 40cm

These long locking Rösle Barbecue Tongs 40cm work like magic. Hold the tongs with their tips upwards, squeeze and they open. Hold the tongs facing down and squeeze and they close. Product Features These sturdy 18/10 stainless steel tongs grasp food gently but firmly With smart locking mechanism for space saving storage
£18.99 £27.99

Rösle Barbecue Turner

Burgers or steaks - with the slanted edge of the Barbecue Turner blade, meat is effortlessly lifted from the grill. Rösle Barbecue Turner Height: 10.8cm Width: 4.5cm Depth: 49.50cm Weight: 0.44kg Solid, extra-long version guarantees safe distance from hot charcoals Tapered front edge for effortless turning and lifting of grilled food Dishwasher safe
£17.50 £24.99

Rösle Burger Turner

For turning burgers. Ideal for lifting food off the grill pan or grill plate. Rösle Burger Turner Height: 7.4cm Width: 3.7cm Depth: 38cm Weight: 0.2kg
£17.50 £20.99

Rösle Charcoal Tongs

Ideal for handling both cold and hot charcoal. Can be used as tongs, e. g. for briquettes, or as a poker.
£13.99 £19.99

Rösle Grill Dishes (3 piece set)

Set of 3 grill dishes for frying, steaming, marinating or storing. Rösle Grill Dishes (3 piece set) Height: 26cm Width: 13cm Depth: 45cm Weight: 3.3kg Grill dishes can also serve as lids Material: Porcelain enamel-coated steel
£33.99 £59.99

Rösle Grill Tongs Straight

The classic among grill tongs. Balanced spring tension and precise distribution of pressure to the tips of the tongs ensure good and efficient handling when barbecuing. Rösle Grill Tongs Straight Height: 3cm Width: 7.5cm Depth: 38cm Weight: 0.21kg
£10.99 £15.99

Rösle Hook Set (5 pcs)

Enables hanging of grill utensils ready to use on the grill frame. Material: 18/10 stainless steel and silicone.
£10.99 £16.99

Rösle Marinade Brush

The head of the Marinade Brush is made from pure natural bristle. Rounded corners allow precise spreading.
£10.99 £15.99

Rösle Potato Holder

Cook up to 4 potatoes quickly and easily on the barbeque. Cooks evenly from the inside and the outside. Rösle Potato Holder Height: 9.5cm Width: 5.5cm Depth: 46.5cm Weight: 0.39kg For cooking up to 4 delicious baked potatoes quickly and easily on the barbecue Cooks potatoes evenly from both the inside and the outside Potatoes are held firmly on holder so do not roll around an the grate 2 handles for secure grip to avoid mishaps during carrying Made from 18/0 stainless steel Can be used on all barbecues with a lid Suitable for barbecues of diameter 47cm/18.5" or more Washing by hand recommended, not dishwasher safe
£16.99 £24.99

Rösle Protective Cover for all No.1 Models Ø 50cm

The black, waterproof grill cover is designed to fit Rösle grills. Velcro fastening for fixing onto grill frame.
£16.99 £24.99
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