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Compost and Garden Care

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25 Litres Super Compost

Our super compost has been specially developed to ensure much better growing results. It has 15% non-peat (wood fibre) content so it's more eco-friendly. This formula has added water absorber and feed so less watering and better growing. It will arrive in storable, easy to handle 5 litre bags. 25 litres will fill approximately 4x 27cm baskets, 3x 27cm containers and 4x 40cm troughs.

2x9 Litre Bricks Compressed Coir Compost

Coir to your Door! Environmentally friendly and derived from a sustainable source, this brick of Compressed Coir Compost is ideal for all types of potting up or growing on. Great value too. Two bricks is enough to grow on 170 plants when used in conjunction with the GROW ON TRAYS we supply. Simply break the bricks down and add water to produce 18 LITRES of superb PEAT FREE compost. Delivered post free to your door. So much easier than hauling heavy bags of compost!

50 Litres Super Compost

This compost has been specially designed by our horticultural team for easier gardening and better results. It has 15% non-peat (wood fibre) content so it's more eco-friendly. There is free added water absorber and feed, resulting in so much less watering and better growing. Will arrive post free to you in in handy, storable 5 litre bags. 50 litres will fill circa 8x 27cm baskets, 7x 27cm containers and 8x 40cm troughs. Delivered Post Free right to your door for convenience, so no more carrying heavy bags of compost.

Bargain Grow on Trays for 170's

17 Robust and Useful potting-on trays with 10 cells per tray. Perfect for growing on our 170's Bedding Plants. Really Great value and a sturdy commercial growing design, so they will last and last.

Bargain Grow Trays for 70's

Ideal for Growing on Medium Plugs With 10 cells for small plug plants per tray and 7 trays these trays are excellent for growing on the medium plugs that we supply from our nursery.

Bargain Mega Grow on Trays

6 Grow On Trays with 12 cells each. Save 62%! Ideal for growing on any of our fantastic Plant Collections. Makes transporting so much easier too. Plus at just £19.99 (usually £51.96) they are fantastic value too! Made from good quality materials and a sturdy commercial growing design

Complete Plant Growing on Kit for 170 plants

This Complete Plant Growing on Kit is ideal for getting your Bedding Plants off to the best start. You will recieve everything you need to grow on 170 Plug Plants including: Two coir compost bricks plus 17 trays. A bargain set.

Complete Plant Growing on Kit for 70 plants

Ideal for getting your bedding plants started at almost any time of year. For your convenience, we have put together as a package, one 9 Litre Brick of Compressed Coir and enough Grow-On-Trays for 70 ready plants, giving you a really great and complete growing kit. All you need to do now is choose some lovely plants from our comprehensive range and get potting-up.

Eco-friendly Potting Mix Compost 25 Litres

Excellent air/ water ratio for good rooting. This new Eco-friendly compost mix is free flowing, ready to use, peat free, growing mediums suitable for a wide range of plants from Bedding to Perennials and Shrubs. Includes fertiliser sufficient for 4 weeks growth and has an excellent air/water ratio for good rooting.

Great Value 2 x 27cm Containers & Compost Kit

Complete Pot/Container Growing Kit A great all in one container kit. Comprises 2x27cm containers in a light and reusable plastic plus enough compost for both. The compost contains added feed and water absorbing gel granules which will last all season. A nice kit for easy gardening.

Planting Kit - Hanging Baskets x 2 & Compost Kit

This Planting Kit contains 2 Green 27cm hanging baskets which are specially created from light and reusable plastic. The compost contains added feed and water absorbing gel granules which will last all season.

Rootgrow 150gm Pack

For Stronger and Healthier plants and better drought tolerance. Increased phosphorous uptake for greater flowering and fruiting. Ideal for Trees' Shrubs, Roses and edibles. (Please note not to be used on Brassicas, Heathers ,Azalea, Rhododendrons, Cranberries or Blueberries)
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Compost And Garden Care

Here at Saga Garden Centre we are pleased to offer a wide range of compost and garden care accessories for all your gardening needs starting from just £4.99