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Agapanthus Twister

Delightful China Blue and White Mop Heads on Long stems make this Agapanthus really attractive. A new variety and perfect for your borders or in containers. Plant in perforated Buckets to restrict root growth ensuring more and more Mops every successive year.
Product Details :
Height: Approx 60cm
Spread: Approx 50 cm
Flowering: July to September
Planting Position: Full sun to partial shade
Sold As: 9 cm Pot
From £9.99

Coreopsis Sunfire

Large yellow single blooms with a striking burgundy red centre dazzle on this low maintenance, drought tolerant, long flowering Coreopsis. It will look simply fabulous at the front of a herbaceous border. A striking and lovely example of this popular variety at a really great price.
Product Details
Colour: Yellow/Burgundy
Height: 30- 60cm
Spread: 30cm
Flowering: June to October
Planting Position: Full sun/partial shade
Sold As: Jumbo Plants & 1 Litre Pots

French Lavender Bandera Pink

Pretty Pink and Fragrant Lavender These French Lavenders are Perfect for containers, edging paths, and garden borders, plant them where you can enjoy the scent of these beautiful flowers. They have pink flowers and equally aromatic foliage of this super variety that will also attract bees and butterflies to your garden.
Product Details:
Flowering : May to Late September
Height : Approximately 45cm
Spread : 40-50cms
Growing Position : Full sun
Sold As : Jumbo Plants

Fuchsia (Giant)

Fuchsia Giant has beautifully abundant blossoms and dark verdant green foliage. Real attention seekers, the blooms are much larger than on your usual Fuchsia. These pretty ladies in their double frilled skirts often grow to a stonking three inches in size! They will look absolutely spectacular trailing from a container or hanging basket.
Product Details
Colour: Pink/Crimson/White/Purple
Height: 30-40cm
Spread: 15-20cm
Flowering: May to first frost
Planting Position: Full sun/partial shade
Sold As: Jumbo Plants
Growing On: Please find information at the end of our Home Page under “Our Plants” to assist you with growing on.
From £14.99

Gaillardia Mesa Red

Large daisy like flowers in a fabulous deep red colour that doesn't fade with age. Attractive to butterflies a great low maintenance perennial plant which is ideal for sunny spots in the garden. Plant them in the Autumn ready for next Summer.
Product details :
Colour : Red
Flowering : June to September
Height : 40-50cm
Spread : 50-60cm
Planting Position : Full Sun/Partial Shade
Sold As: Jumbo Plants

Geranium Jolly Jewel Collection

Bred in the natural way, consisting of many years of crossbreeding, these are a special collection of hybrid Hardy Geraniums offer. A compact habit,prolific flowering and great ground cover making them a great choice for containers and borders. Varieties: Jolly Jewel Violet, Jolly Jewel Pink, Jolly Jewel Night.
Product Details:
Flowering : May to First Frost
Height : Approximately 10-12cm
Spread : Approximately 25cm
Planting Position : Full Sun Partial Shade
Sold As : Jumbo
From £17.99

Hosta Variegated Collection

This collection of specially selected compact Hostas suitable for smaller gardens and patio containers all with striking variegated green white and cream foliage. Varieties included are: Rainbows End, Lakeside Little Tuft, Sting. These are sold as loose roots tuck your hosta plants with the roots pointing downwards and the "eyes" growing points, just below soil level. After planting, water your containers well, gently soaking the soil so it settles around the roots.
Product Details:
Flowering : April to October
Height : Approximately 15-35cm
Spread : Approximately 25- 45cm
Planting Position : Full Sun Partial Shade
Sold As : Loose Roots
From £18.99

Perfumed Pinks Collection

This fabulous collection of Pinks has a superb fragrance and are perfect for attracting bees and other pollinating insects to your Summer garden. Blooming from April until October, in shades of pink and red, these varieties make wonderful freshly cut flowers for your home receive 2 jumbo plants of each colour.
Product details :
Collection Varieties: Perfume Pinks Passion, Perfume Pinks Candy Floss, Coral Reef
Colour: Red, Pink, Bicolour
Height: Varied 40-50cm
Spread: Varied 40-50cm
Flowering: April to October
Planting Position: Full Sun/Partial Shade
Sold As: 6 Jumbo Plants
From £14.99

Salvia patens Patio Sky Blue

These Salvia Patens Patio Sky Blue are compact an easy to grow variety with an excellent branching habit, that will produce a profusion of fabulous rather like bluebells blue flowers all summer. An ideal addition to beds & borders.
Product Details:
Flowering : June to October
Height : 30-35cm
Spread : 20-30cms
Growing Position : Full Sun to Partial shade
Sold As : Jumbo Plants
Growing On: Please find information at the end of our Home Page under “Our Plants” to assist you with growing on.

Scabiosa Collection

This Collection of Scabiosa Plants feature three easy-to-grow varieties; receive 2 of each Royal Ruby, Mariposa Blush and Vivid Violet. These Perennials will produce masses of blooms continuously from Spring until late Summer, in exquisite hues of crimson, pale pink, violet and white. A wonderful collection and being Perennials they will return year after year, bigger better and more beautiful.
Product details :
Height: 25- 45cm
Spread: 25-30 cm
Flowering: Late Spring until first frosts
Planting Position: Full Sun
Sold As: 6 Jumbo Plants
From £22.48

West Country Lupins Purple & White Collection

A fabulous second collection,. High performance in a lovely selection of colours and bicolours, A subtle fragrance also adds to the superior quality of these glorious Lupins
Product Details:
Please Note : Bred by West Country Lupins the UKs leading Lupins experts
Flowering : June to August
Height : Approximately 60-90cm
Spread : Approximately 50cm
Planting Position : Full Sun Partial Shade
Sold As : Jumbo
From £17.99
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A perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years. The term is often used to differentiate a particular plant from those shorter lived annuals and biennials. 
Perennial plants are wonderful additions to the landscape. While trees and shrubs may act as the long-term basis of a garden, perennials provide interest and repeat colour. Because they last for more than one season, they are perfect for designing a permanent garden display.
Our Perennial collections will provide you with the opportunity to inject longer term vibrancy into your gardening schemes. Homegrown here in the lovely Island of Jersey, we grow them with care and love for you to enjoy.