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Blackberry Collection

This collection includes:
Blackberry Chester:
One of the most popular varieties in the UK due to its high yields, excellent sweet flavour and superb tolerance to hot and dry conditions. A late season variety and a great all-round Blackberry.
Blackberry Triple Crown:
A thorn less, late season variety with a good disease resistance. The fruits are large, typically 5g or more and have a strong, juicy flavour.
Blackberry Lochness:
A compact, thorn less, mid to late season variety with a good winter hardiness making it perfect for colder regions. High yielding, it can produce up to a massive 3.6kg of fruit per plant.
Product Details:
Varieties : Blackberry Chester, Blackberry Triple Crown Blackberry Lochness
Harvesting July to August

Blueberry Colour Bells Pink

Blueberries are such popular fruits now, with excellent health benefits, & this pink variety is no exception. A bushy upright deciduous shrub providing year-around interest. In late spring, pinkish white, bell-shaped flowers bearing fruits in Autumn once established it may take up to three to four years to fruit the berries eventually turn a dark pink.
Harvesting: Early Autumn
Sold As: 9cm Pot

Helianthus Tuberosus Jerusalem Artichoke

Suited to the British climate, the tasty tubers are highly nutritious and can be eaten raw or cooked, boiled, grilled or roasted like potatoes. Harvest your artichokes in the autumn, once the leaves have died back down or if you can wait, after the first frosts. Be sure to leave some in the ground for the following year. A type of perennial sunflower, Helianthus Tuberosus is grown for its attractive flowers and for its edible tubers. In late summer to early autumn it will produce masses of showy, bright yellow flowers on tall stems which are attractive to both birds and butterflies. They are also ideal as dried flowers.
Product Details:
Variety : Jerusalem Artichoke
Harvesting : Autumn and Winter
Sold as : Bulbs Tubers and Corms
From £9.99

Strawberry Malling Centenary

British Bred Variety bred to mark the 100th anniversary of the leading East Malling Strawberry research station in 2013, Strawberry Malling™ Centenary has already established itself as the most widely grown and pre-eminent June bearing variety in the UK. Offers high yields of red berries with a good shelf life and richer and deeper flavour than other varieties available.
Product Details:
Colour: Red
Harvesting June
Sold as : Runners

Sweet Peppers

Ideal for borders or containers this mix of sweet peppers receive 2 of each variety, Includes Mohawk F1- Producing a heavy crop of yellow fruit. Naturally dwarf in habit. Red Skin F1- Early fruiting, will produce a good yield of red fruits. Liberty Bell- A compact and well branched variety, producing an abundance of large fruits with a sweet taste. A proven, long lasting performer in the garden.

Spring Jersey Royal New Potatoes 4lbs (1.8kg)

Enjoy Freshly picked Jersey Royals this Spring! Once again we are happy to be able to offer you freshly picked Jersey Royal Potatoes, you to enjoy throughout the Spring. One of the UK's favourite new potatoes, they are renowned for their unique taste, superb flavour and as they are only grown on the island of Jersey, have been given protected status. These Jersey Royal New Potatoes are hand planted, grown and picked especially for our customers. They can be roasted or boiled once they arrive - remember to wash off all the dirt, you don't even have to peel the potatoes!
Product details :
Sold as: kg
Please note : Basket not included

Herb Collection Pre- Planted Containers 4 Varieties

We've taken all the effort out of growing your own herbs. Just follow the care instructions provided and these pre-planted 27cm containers will provide you with all the Sage, Mint Parsley and Basil you will need for your culinary needs. Very easy to maintain. You will be able to start picking the fresh leaves straight away.
Product details :
Collection Varieties: Sage Mint Parsley & Basil
Sold As: Pre Planted Terracotta PVC 27cm Containers

Rhubarb Raspberry Red Crowns

This variety requires no forcing and is said to be the sweetest tasting rhubarb available on the market. A breakthrough in breeding and constantly increasing in popularity in the garden. Keep rhubarb free of weeds by covering the ground with a mulch of composted manure, but avoid burying the crown as it will rot. Cover the area above the roots with 100g per sq m (4oz per sq yard) of general purpose fertiliser in March, and water regularly in dry spells to keep it moist and actively growing until autumn.
Product details :
Height: 45-60cm
Spread: 1.5m
Harvesting: April to May
Planting Position: Full Sun/Partial Shade
Sold As: Crowns
From £12.99

Raspberries Autumn Bliss

Imagine the delight of picking your own fruit, fresh from your garden. It is a proven winner though out the UK in all conditions and will fruit from Summer to first first frosts. It's compact sturdy growth means it does not require canes.
Product details :
Height: Approx 1.5m
Spread: Approx 45cm
Harvesting: Summer to Autumn
Planting Position: Full Shade/Partial Shade
Sold As: Bare Root
From £12.99

Strawberries Cambridge

Mouth watering satisfying taste This traditional well known variety is still popular among gardeners for a good reason. It is a heavy cropper with good disease resistance and a good all weather performer, producing a mass of tasty sweet fruit in mid-summer.
Product details :
Height: Approx 20cm
Spread: Approx 30cm
Harvesting: June to July
Planting Position: Full Sun
Sold As: Runners
From £10.99

Strawberry Ariba Red F1 Pre-Planted

Producing lovely red flowers during March and April and sweet ripe strawberries are borne throughout the summer from May to October. Ariba is a lovely compact variety.
Product details :
Flowering: March to April
Planting Position: Full sun/partial shade
Sold As: Pre- Planted PVC Green Baskets & PVC Terracotta Containers All 27cms

Chilli Pepper Medium Hot 6 Jumbo Plants

This selection of Medium/Hot Chilli Pepper Plants contains 3 different varieties, with each having a different flavour for you to savour! Chilli Pepper Cayenetta:Cayenetta is a compact branching cayenne type chilli. It has a very neat, attractive habit and produces a large crop of bright red 4" tapered peppers underneath the attractive leaf canopy. The fruits are mild in heat. Pick your peppers, use fresh or allow to dry, or why not get really creative and pile into your olive oil bottle, reseal and leave for a week, voila.. your own chilli flavoured oil. Chilli Pepper Apache:A very attractive compact Chilli Plant producing masses of medium/hot strength, bright red peppers. As decorative as it is useful. A culinary and visual delight for you to enjoy. Use as with Cayenetta above. Will live happily on your kitchen windowsill. Chilli Pepper Basket of Fire:A prolific fruiting variety loaded with small medium/hot peppers on a visually attractive semi-trailing plant. Basket of Fire’s unique habit makes it a perfect choice for hanging baskets and containers. Use as with Cayenetta and Apache above and put some spice into your life.
Harvesting: June to September
Planting position: Full Sun
Sold As:Jumbo Ready
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Grow your own satisfaction

There is renewed interest in both vegetable and fruit home production as more people than ever seek to ensure they’re giving their families fresher, healthier and safer produce by growing their own food.

As a result, they’ve discovered that there’s something extra special about the flavors of homegrown fruits and vegetables, while experiencing the comfort of knowing no harmful sprays or chemicals were applied to the food they’re putting on their table.

Our 'easy grow' plants will enable you to enjoy the satisfaction of growing, harvesting and enjoying home grown food.